Winthrop and Computelec join forces to provide excellent I.T solutions for education

Two of Australia’s most respected IT service providers for Education have joined forces to provide ongoing I.T education support and service that’s top of its class. To keep doing I.T better in the 21st Century the company will continue to support and deliver exceptional solutions that support innovation in teaching and learning.

The merger between Winthrop and Computelec commenced in January 2016 and will see all of the company’s current services and programs combined to be delivered under a joint banner. Cedric Celestine CEO of Winthrop will lead the company and is joined by the former CEO of Computelec David La Bozzetta in the role of General Manager of Education.

Mr La Bozzetta says he is excited to work closely with Mr Celestine at this pivotal time in the organisation’s history. Both organisations have a shared legacy of not only providing quality services but also leading change, they have shared missions and strong alignment of values.

“The merger is a strong and determined response to the changes in the industry and we see it as an opportunity to provide additional services to customers and further strengthen our relationship with the Australian Education market now and in the future”.

The combined company works with over 700 schools across Australia, have 100 employees and the capacity to reach schools in all capital cities.