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When it comes to ICT services, our team of Engineers, Educators, Solutions Architects and Education Sales Consultants really are at the top of their class. From planning and auditing to customised data management, Computelec is on hand to help Australian schools find innovative, tailored solutions to their unique challenges. Discover more about our Managed Services, Cloud Services, IT Project Services and Device programs today.

Supporting today’s school ICT environments

Technology has become essential to delivering better educational outcomes, so a school’s ICT infrastructure has become mission-critical. However, the end of DER funding has limited resources for supporting it – at the same time as user demands are increasing. ICT leaders from three very different schools talk about how they are meeting these challenges.

Under the previous Federal Government’s four-year Digital Education Revolution (DER) program, schools were able to invest significantly in technology and internet bandwidth. That funding has now ceased, so schools are challenged in finding effective and affordable ways to continue delivering 1-to-1 student access to technology and a secure infrastructure to optimise faster internet.

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Webinar: How to Survive and Thrive in a 1-to-1 BYOD Classroom

This webinar will provide some practical solutions and strategies to enhance your teaching practice using technology! It will touch on overcoming challenges, re-thinking your approaches and give real-life examples.

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A random spiel about insights and how Computelec are the business when it comes to education and information technology.

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