Tips for choosing the right device for your school

by Brett North, National Manager - Service and Operations at Computelec.

Over the years, we have advised many schools on their IT, so we know that all school environments are unique in their make-up and requirements. What we have learnt when it comes to device programs is that the device is really the last thing to discuss. You need to start by considering objectives, timelines, stakeholder buy-in and pedagogy before you can form a strategy to ensure the technology will be firmly embedded into the curriculum.

When it finally comes down to choosing the device, the options can be overwhelming to some, so we approach this conversation in a consultative fashion.

Consider your needs
Firstly, you need to define your school’s device program needs - this is paramount to making the right choice.

Is there a requirement for the device to be a tablet or touchscreen? Should it be Windows or can it be another OS? Does the device need to have a large screen or weigh below a certain amount? Does it need to be extra-robust to withstand the school year or perhaps your stakeholders are particularly price sensitive?

By addressing these questions we can quickly eliminate all the devices that won’t work for your school.

Narrow your focus
By narrowing down the selection to a few devices, the answer may be clear to you or you can further narrow down based on your original objectives.

Can you support these devices?
Once you know which device or devices you will be offering at your school, it is wise to consider device support programs. Consider things like: what happens if a device breaks? If students need uninterrupted learning, do you have a loan device policy? Can you guarantee 24 hour turnaround of broken devices? Are all repairs covered under warranty?

While device support programs are strictly optional, many schools go down this path for the peace of mind and for efficiency purposes.

Talk to the experts
In preparation for next year’s 1:1 and mandated BYOD programs, we have a matrix of over 100 different devices spanning five vendors (Acer, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Leader) to suit a range of budgetary and other preferences. We also have the two support options available - from the Vendor or from Computelec.

We’re sure that we can help you find the right device for your 2016 device program so if you’d like a consultation from an expert, reach out to Adam Olszewski on 1300 36 1988 or email.

Alternatively you can browse our range of education model devices at pricing exclusive to schools via our online store.