During my time as a teacher, Head of Teaching & Learning and ICT Education Specialist, I have come across schools who have successfully implemented new technologies into the classroom, as well as those that have been less successful. From this, I know that it all begins with the approach.

In the case of Office 365, I have seen schools implementing it simply for the OneDrive storage. While this is a useful feature, some schools just aren?t aware of the many other features which create supportive and collaborative learning environments, nor considered the importance of supporting teachers with classroom application and the pedagogy behind using Office 365.

Below are a few of the questions I regularly encounter regarding Office 365.

Q: How do we get the most out of Office 365?

It is important to approach a new technology such as this in a targeted, ongoing manner with a nexus of pedagogy, technical and practical application in the classroom.
Stay away from intensive software training as it only serves to waste time and money. Telling teachers which buttons to push does not help them embed technology into the classroom.