Cloud Computing in School ICT

In speaking with schools on a daily basis, we find many of them are currently exploring their Cloud computing options. That’s why
we wanted to share these concise new videos which clearly explain the benefits of Cloud for schools and educational outcomes.

We do hope you find these video animations help you appreciate how Cloud computing can transform your own school ICT
infrastructure for the better. Please contact us if you’d like us to conduct an assessment of your school’s Cloud readiness.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Watch this short video first to understand what you’ll discover in this series of five videos.



Becoming Cloud ready

This video explains how your school ICT team can prepare your systems to leverage the benefits of Cloud computing



Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service

Discover the potential of how cloud computing works to reduce costs, while securely and reliably delivering the
applications your teaching staff and students need



The economics of Cloud

Understand the business case for migrating your school to the Cloud



Cloud Computing: The Big Picture

Putting it all together in the context of educational computing

To discuss how your school can utilise Cloud to achieve your ICT goals, contact us today.