How your school can reduce ICT Expenditure

by James Nicholas, National Sales Manager at Computelec.

Last year in an initiative to help schools stretch their IT budgets we partnered with HP to form the ReNew Club to offer schools exclusive access to re-manufactured HP Networking Gear. One year on, we have seen countless schools relishing the opportunity to save money and do more with their IT budgets, because the prices are below K-12 pricing and up to 50% less than brand new. Due to the success of the ReNew Club, we are excited to announce that we have expanded to include re-manufactured HP Servers and Storage equipment in the product portfolio.


[aesop_quote type="block" background="#ffffff" text="#75d3d9" align="center" size="1.5" quote="HP Renew has saved us up to half of the price of 'new' equipment, yet performs equally well." parallax="off" direction="left"]

What is HP ReNew?

HP ReNew is HP’s re-manufactured product line. The products are current and best selling models which may have been used as demo gear or for an event and can no longer be sold brand new. ReNew products then undergo a complete HP re-manufacturing and stringent quality testing process, fully restoring them to meet HP certified standards. HP sets strict quality standards for it’s entire technology portfolio and ensures that re-manufactured products offer the same performance and reliability as new products. HP ReNew products are also covered by the same full HP warranty offered with new products, starting from the date of purchase. The only difference is the price.


[aesop_quote type="block" background="#ffffff" text="#75d3d9" align="center" size="1.5" quote="The HP Renew Program through Computelec provides us with fantastic opportunities to purchase as new HP products with full warranty and support, while delivering significant cost savings." parallax="off" direction="left"]

Stretch your school IT budget even further

When it comes to IT, server and storage gear can often be more complex and costly to buy brand new. Thankfully the HP ReNew Club offers a more affordable alternative which frees up money for other initiatives. The products on offer will be HP’s best-selling models and the service will come configured with an ETA of 3 - 4 weeks. 


Take our advice

We have a team of Networking, Server and Storage specialists on board to guide you through the process of finding the right product or price range for your IT environment. We have Claudio Aquino as well as Khylie Daws, who is the ReNew specialist and club liaison. Both Claudio and Khylie are keen to help you reap the benefits of the saving the club offers. By joining the HP ReNew Club, you can expect to receive fortnightly emails with the latest stock and pricing - exclusive to club members. Contact us or join today and start saving!