What is the HPE ReNew Program?

HPE ReNew is a worldwide program that started in 1981, boasting a track record of over 34 years longevity and credibility in satisfying customers’ needs. Using completely remanufactured models HPE ReNew offer you the same warranty, reliability and performance as new HPE Networking, Server and Storage products

The HPE ReNew Program offers an extensive portfolio of quality HPE certified remanufactured products as a complement to new HPE products. Over 80 percent of the ReNew product portfolio is less than 12 months old.

HPE ReNew products are not to be confused with “used” or “second-hand” products. Many of the ReNew products have never been used or even turned on, and all electrical cords are replaced with brand new parts to add an extra layer of safety and security. ReNew offers high quality products that are completely remanufactured and retested by HPE. All ReNew products are Factory-Certified to be fully functional with performance standards equal to their factory new counterparts. We even return it to its same-as-new warranty status. The benefit: Factory-Certified HPE technology at a lower cost and performance equal to equivalent new products, backed by the original HPE warranty.

Where do HPE ReNew products come from?

As HPE ReNew products are sourced from the HPE Demo pool, factory loaner equipment, factory excess, customer returns and trade-ins – so you get access to a wide spectrum of new, existing and even discontinued HPE technologies.

How is a product remanufactured?

Remanufactured HPE products undergo a rigorous process in factories owned and managed by HPE to completely restore them to their original factory condition and performance. Every product in the HPE ReNew portfolio is thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the same stringent standards as new products and, once verified, they are backed by a same-as-new HPE warranty. In addition, service and support options are equivalent to that offered with new HPE products and the most current software revisions are installed.
See our factory processes in action by watching the HPE ReNew video.

What is the difference between products from the HPE ReNew Program versus products that are remanufactured or refurbished

The distinction is not always obvious. HPE ReNew products are fully backed by HPE warranty, and have been remanufactured to be equivalent to new product standards. They carry the same warranty and service options as new HPE products.

On the other hand, refurbished or used equipment not purchased from HPE or HPE resellers may not be fully tested or certified to meet like-new standards. These products may not be backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to consider any inherent risks or additional costs that may be required to bring this equipment up to the same standards and support provided with HPE ReNew products.

What type of warranty comes with HPE ReNew products?

There is no difference between the warranty offered for a new HPE product and the equivalent HPE ReNew product. The warranty of the HPE ReNew product starts with the date of purchase and refreshes the original warranty. It is important to note that this is not a remaining warranty policy.

All HPE ReNew products can have their warranties upgraded to accommodate Critical System Support, extended to 3Yr 24×7 or HPE Care Packs. This means any support uplift that is available for new HPE products is also available for HPE ReNew products.

How do you guarantee data security on HPE ReNew remanufactured products?

As part of the rigorous remanufacturing process all returned drives are reformatted and retested, every drive is wiped clean of any data and every disk is separately overwritten. This process meets HPE Privacy standards and is HIPAA compliant.

Why should I join the ReNew Club?

As a club member, you get regular updates on ReNew inventory and specials, as well as exclusive access to promotions and competitions! The pricing is not made public, and we only sell to club members – how’s that for exclusive!