Changerous Thinking

From Magellan to Einstein, da Vinci to Darwin, Greer to Jobs, history's greatest inventors, innovators and thinkers have revolutionised lives with ideas that may have seemed 'dangerous' at the time.

There have been countless examples of powerfully dangerous ideas and shared practice that has been passed from one classroom to another, one school to the next, often hundreds of times, bringing about change for their students’ ultimate benefit. We call it "Changerous Thinking" and chose this as the theme for ELH SchoolTech 2014.

In an effort to challenge thinking and celebrate innovation and change, we asked our esteemed Keynote speakers a series of questions to truly investigate what Changerous thinking is all about in the context of IT for education.

Our speakers Will Richardson, Bruce Dixon, Gary Stager, and Stephen Harris share their Changerous thoughts and opinions in the below series of videos. We hope they help to inspire Changerous thinking in your school.


What is your Changerous Idea for Education?

The education sector's most inspirational thinkers discuss the changes needed in schools to support more connected, empowered and engaged learners.



What is the Future of Schools?

Is the end of traditional schooling visible on the horizon? How can we shape this future, starting tomorrow? What needs to shift in a school in order to embrace modern technologies and create 21st Century skills in students? Our Keynotes discuss these and many other Changerous ideas.



Leadership in the Digital Age

Discover what school leadership looks like in an age where technology is ubiquitous and ever changing.



Will Richardson

As a writer, Blogger, and author, Will is an outspoken advocate for change in schools and classrooms in the context of the diverse new learning opportunities that the Internet and other technologies now offer.

Stephen Harris

Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School, founder of the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL), and is also involved in an education project in the northern province of Rwanda.

Gary Stager, Ph.D

Award-winning teacher educator, speaker, consultant, and author who has spent the past 32 years helping schools around the world embrace technology as an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression. His latest book: Invent to Learn

Bruce Dixon

Founding Director, ideasLAB; Co-founder, Anytime Anywhere; Co-founder, Modern Learners. With over 25 years’ experience as teacher, principal, software developer and undergraduate college lecturer, Bruce Dixon consults to schools, School Districts, Education Departments, Ministries of Education and technology companies including Microsoft, HP, Apple, Bertelsmann and Toshiba on 1-to-1 and technology in education.


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